Why Stage?

It's the first question I'm asked whenever anyone asks me about my business - whether it's a potential client or a curious neighbor. Over time, I've developed my own "Top 10 List" of reasons why I encourage Sellers to invest in staging their home:

Nail that first impression.

Nine in 10 home buyers view homes online before they even contact an agent to officially start the house-hunting process. Photo presentation is EVERYTHING. Don't believe me? Check out these photos for a good laugh.

Make it easy for buyers.

Even in our HGTV-obsessed world, buyers still struggle to visualize a space. Staging can help de-personalize a space, define its use, highlight its strengths, and market it to your target market.


Your home is your most personal space. Let's be honest - it's very difficult to see our own homes objectively. A home stager can see your home with fresh eyes and give an honest opinion.

Increase space - without adding a single square foot.

Staging is especially important for vacant or partially-vacant homes. Empty rooms look smaller. Adding just a few pieces of furniture can help buyers see what fits in a space. ("Oh! There IS room for a king bed in here!")

Stand out.

Absecon Island is a highly-competitve real estate market. Staging - especially staging catered to your specific space and with unique items - helps your home to stand out in a buyer's mind. Agents on our island can show a client over 12 homes...in a single afternoon! Unique staging can help your property stand out in a blur of homes.

End procrastination.

I know you don't want to do it...but you're going to have to start packing up chotchkies, cleaning out the junk drawer, and emptying closets anyway. Did you know that we offer this as part of our staging service?

Make your local real estate agent's "Hot List."

Here's an insider tip: Real estate agents love showing staged, "easy to show" homes. Even if your property is priced higher or doesn't meet 100% of their Buyer's wish list, agents are more likely to add your property to their "show list."