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MAY 2017



One Pinterest-inspired project a month, all in the name of DIY.

When we remodeled our home, I traded SERIOUS physical labor for a splurge where it counted. In our master bedroom, I opted to refinish an entire vintage bedroom set so that I could splurge on a dream Elfa closet system.

Pullout drawers? Check. Gliding shoe racks? Check. Valet rod? Check. Jewelry drawer? Check. A place for everything, and everything in it's place. It's a thing of beauty!

EXCEPT....for the jewelry situation. I apparently have a love of chunky accessories that are​​ impossible to fit into the jewelry drawer. I wind up with piles of jewelry on TOP of the jewelry drawer or jammed into the back, never to see the light of day.

So one sleepless night last week, as I scrolled through Pinterest, I came across THIS PIN​​ (photo below) for a Rustic Wooden Jewelry Rack from I knew I had to try and DIY it.


Rustic WoodEN Jewelry RACK​​

COST: About $15 to $20 - maybe a bit more if you don't have scraps of sandpaper or extra stain laying around.


- 6-ft length of 1x2

- 3-ft length of 3/4" wooden dowel

- sandpaper

- leftover spray paint, stain and wax

- drill with a tiny bit

- box of cup hooks

- hanging hardware of your choice


Maybe an hour total, not counting drying time and obsessive jewelry sorting.


On the Pencil Sketch Project Difficulty Scale of one (easy DIY) to four (for the love of God, HIRE SOMEONE) Hammers, I give this project:


An easy, inexpensive project that results in a flexible and effective solution!



I did my best to capture the project process. Mouse over each photo for details.

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