Currey & Co. Terracotta Pendant Light

Currey & Co. Terracotta Pendant Light


Gorgeous fluted terracotta pendant light from Currey & Company.  Trumpet shaped pendant has a creamy pottery glaze, with bits of light terracotta peeking through.  Attaches to stain black socket, chain, and canopy with a tripod-shaped piece that inserts into the top of the pendant and screws in place.


Holds one light bulb (Edison bulb suggested) rated up to 100W.  Chain is adjustable.


Retails new for $360 (check out the online description here).  Pick up a pair of these gently used and ready to install for more than half off!  


    Pendant 10"H & 10" Diameter

    Cord is 13"L & Chain is 6" Long

    Canopy Diameter = 5.75"