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Staging Consultations

For Occupied Homes

Pencil Sketch spends one to two hours on-site to review your home and discuss budget, pricing, your local competition, and strategies for helping your home photograph and show at its best. Every consultation include a detailed written report and a quote for our Occupied Staging Services, if you choose to do so.  A smart investment before you list!


Staging Services

For Occupied Homes

Using our Written Consultation as a guide, we'll highlight architectural features, create focal points, provide a shopping list, and arrange furniture and decor to create a look that is photo- (and Buyer!) ready.  We use as much of your existing decor as possible, then add items as needed from our own inventory of rental decor.  Flexible & budget-friendly!


Shopping Services


Does the name "HomeGoods" make you queasy?  Can't find the perfect throw pillows for your new sofa?  

Wish the fridge of your summer rental

was pre-stocked for you or your

high-end tenants?  You set the list and the budget, and we'll pick up just what you've been looking for. 

3-Hr Minimum               $100/Hour

Staging Services

For Vacant Properties

Every potential Buyer lists "more space"on their new home wish list. Unfortunately, studies 

show that an empty room is 33% more likely 

to appear smaller and often leaves Buyers 

debating layout vs. writing an offer! We use our own inventory (and supplement with rental 

items, as needed) to help your vacant listing 

appear larger & livelier.

Free Quote


Build-Your-Own Adventure

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