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About ME


Making your home look it's best DOESN'T have to be difficult or cost a fortune.


While Pencil Sketch Design is a new venture, I have spent the past 20 years completing five home renovations and a very creative Longport house lift, assiting many friends and family with odd jobs, and advising real estate clients on how to best prepare their property for sale.  I also worked as a licensed New Jersey Realtor in Margate, NJ.


- Shuffling paint swatches

- Swapping nasty, old light fixtures

- Scouring Pinterest for design ideas

- Power-shopping at discount home stores

- Harnessing my OCD tendancies to organize your home

- Assembling an IKEA nightstand in under 20 minutes


Whether you're refreshing your current residence, preparing your home for sale, or getting an investment property ready for tenants - I know Pencil Sketch Staging & Design can help.

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